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Our Frog Street curriculum prioritizes reading comprehension by integrating literature, cognitive strategies, collaborative learning, and targeted assessment to empower students in understanding and engaging with various texts.

Writing: Beyond Words

From early development, our classrooms integrate writing practices, equipping students with essential skills by nurturing their ability to express ideas coherently, fostering creativity, and laying a foundation for effective communication.

Numbers in Motion

Starfish Scholar's Frog Street curriculum cultivates mathematical proficiency from the early developmental stages, promoting analytical thinking, problem-solving, and numerical literacy through interactive learning approaches.

The Scientific Puzzle

Guided by cutting-edge approaches, our classroom integrates scientific exploration from an early age, nurturing curiosity, hands-on experimentation, and critical thinking, to foster a deep understanding of the natural world and its phenomena.

Navigating Human History

Through the enriched framework of the Frog Street curriculum, our classroom introduces history and social studies concepts, cultivating a sense of time, place, and societal dynamics. This fosters cultural awareness, critical thinking, and a well-rounded worldview.

A World of Languages

Our classroom incorporates foreign language learning, promoting communication skills and global awareness through interactive and immersive techniques.

Harmony Unleashed

Enriching our classroom experience, we introduce music and instrument learning, allowing students to explore artistic expression, understand rhythm, and creatively engage.

Physical Education

We emphasize physical education, engaging students in early motor skill enhancement, promoting physical fitness, and teamwork.

About Our Curriculum
Kids Drawing
The leadership team at Starfish Scholar frequently reviews leading curricula in the educational landscape. With a dedicated focus on fostering holistic early development, we ensure that each school is equipped with the forefront of learning strategies spanning various disciplines. Each school is outfitted with the most advanced curricula, aligning with our mission of providing students with a comprehensive and cutting-edge educational experience.
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